Upcoming Meetups/Events

See the TWUUG Forums for details on the on-site meeting at Lake Taylor Hospital on Thursday evening 10/6 at 7:30PM.  http://www.twuug.org/forums

HRGEEKS JITSI will be 8PM-2AM Friday evening this week, 10/7. https://meet.jit.si/HRGeeks

AFCEA Hampton Roads Hacking CTF Competition Wed 11/9 on-site at Nauticus and via remote participation.  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hack-at-the-harbor-powered-by-deloitte-tickets-401405784507

Info on our e-mail list, Facebook, IRC channel, etc. is here: https://hrgeeks.org/index.php/other-media/

Upcoming Meetings/Competitions/Conferences

I wanted to throw out a list of upcoming events, competitions, and conferences in the near future.


7:30PM Thurs 6/2 TWUUG (Local Linux User Group) Virtual Meeting on JITSI. Please create an account at http://www.twuug.org/forums/ and see the “Announce” forum to get info regarding the location.

8PM-2AM EDT Fri 6/3 HRGEEKS JITSI (This has reduced to occurring every two weeks)

For announcements related to DevSecCon Virginia, HR .NET User Groups, etc. please see #announcements on the Slack community you can get access to from: https://757dev.org


Hack the Harbor, Hampton Roads Cybersecurity CTF Competition, expected to occur in August 2022. See the AFCEA Hampton Roads Website to see if it is posted around the beginning of June under the “Events” tab.


HOPE 7/22-24/22 New York City

DEFCON 8/11-14/22 Las Vegas

MAGFEST August 6-9, 2022, National Harbor MD

Schmoocon March 2023, DC